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About @WhiteBeltWarriors

White Belt Warriors began in July 2017 as a way for Professor Raz to help struggling students understand and master the conceptual nuances of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ). In his years of teaching, Raz noticed most BJJ students had a difficult time comprehending the deeper aspects of this martial art. Having learned the art of BJJ at the mature age of 33, Raz’s relaxed style and teaching practice has honed in on the technical and strategic aspects of BJJ, resulting in advancing skills, safer practices, and better game for those who plan to practice well into their senior years.

White Belt Warriors provides an online forum for beginner BJJ students worldwide to convene and learn from Raz through videos, chats, and 1-1 questions. Armed with this advanced knowledge, they can then take what they’ve learned and try it out with their own martial art style at their respective schools. The online presence also gives an opportunity for BJJ students in remote or rural communities to access this community and instructionals.