How to Make Time for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with a Busy Schedule

I’ve had the great pleasure of training many busy clients over the years. They are driven, passionate, and care deeply for their work. From Hollywood actors / actresses, multimillionaires, to executive management types, they all have stressful jobs. Many people below them count on their daily decisions to ensure operations of their business run smoothly.

Often when work become hectic and overwhelming, the majority forget about the health aspect of their life. Exercise falls by the wayside and the temptation to grab a greasy burger and cola at the nearby restaurant becomes the norm. The next day, they sheepishly give me the usual excuse, “I’m so sorry I missed our workout session Raz. I got caught up at work yesterday.”

I always believe everyone can make time to take care of themselves. However, most wait until it’s too late and leave it in the hands of a doctor to order them to exercise or else, or much worse you don’t get a chance due to death. I’m not here to scare you but the reality is with proper time management you can fulfill your daily exercise requirements easily.

I cannot stress enough the importance of exercise. Just last week Time magazine’s front cover featured in big bold headlines that scientists have long known the benefits of exercise on your physiology. However, the most interesting point about this article is they can now scientifically prove its effectiveness. I will get into the details of the article in the next blog post, but basically it can now be considered medicine. Best of all it’s free of charge!

Okay lets starting working out a plan to free up your precious time for some good old bjj rolling. How many of you have been victim to time thieves such as social media, constant interruptions, and checking social media? What about those dreaded to do lists that never seem to end?

When used to-do lists I remember looking back at it a year later only to find many of things were never completed. Most of the completed ones were the easy tasks, rarely the ones that made a difference in my job or life. The problem with the to-do list is we tackle the easy ones first. Now you may think this is great, but think about it. Does that task impact your career or health significantly? Most likely no. For example, answering an email on a Tuesday from a friend about where to go for drinks on Friday does not need your attention immediately. Yet, we all tend to feel the need to respond right away. So when determining what your most important task each day is, ask yourself how much of a life impact it will have on me first. Hint…fitness is a life impact task, you receive benefit for many years to come such as longevity, minimizing disease, anti-aging, and a great feeling of overall wellbeing.

Here are x ways you can clear your schedule to make room for regular bjj practice:

  1. Say No more often

Stop worrying about offending people by saying no to their requests. Your time is valued and you can never get it back.  By doing so you can focus on what is important in your life. The Pareto principle states 80% of our results are from 20% of our efforts. Hone in on that 20% are you are great at and pour 100% into that area.

  1. Write on a Post It note, “You have only 1440 minutes per day”

Post this note where you can see it like your computer screen. By seeing this you realize how little time you have and you begin to value each minute more, wasting less precious time.

  1. Learn to delegate

All the non-life impact tasks I see if I can delegate to others. To give you a little example, I asked my wife to find out the contact for programming at the Yoga studio she takes classes. Before heading out the door for class, she replied, just search for it on LinkedIn. I responded by saying, “just ask the lady at the front desk. If she doesn’t know then I will search LinkedIn.”

Now yes, I could have checked LinkedIn but she was already heading to the studio. Why not just go straight to the source? This saved me at least 5 to maybe even 15 minutes because searching for it might not bring up the correct title matches. The time saved here allowed me to focus writing this very blog post for you all today.

  1. Allocate certain times to answer emails

Not all emails require immediate attention. I find in most cases if the issues were really important the sender would contact you directly by phone. I usually answer email 2 – 3 times per day for 30 minutes. Noon, 4pm, and sometimes at night. I keep my email short and to the point, answering the most important ones first.

  1. Establish a great morning ritual

Get up early, drink a full glass for water to re-hydrate. Use this time as “me time” to ground yourself and get excited for the day ahead. Make a green smoothie for breakfast. This provides your body with the proper nutrients while being gentle on your digestive system. The less energy your body uses to digest the food, the more energy you will have throughout the day.

Clear the mind to focus by practicing qigong, tai chi, meditation, yoga or a light walk outside.

  1. Establish a nightly ritual

Organize you items the night before not in the morning. I used to date this girl many years ago, and no matter how early I came she was always frantically running around looking for things. It was chaotic and caused unnecessary stress. Instead, of waking up jumping out of bed to head to work in a rush, make sure you have all your workout gear packed ready to go. Place it by your door where you will not forget it.

It is also beneficial to review your goals before you fall asleep. This will allow you to get excited for the day ahead providing you with a sense of purpose. I do every night so I know which goal to tackle. That goal has to be a huge difference maker allowing me to move forward towards success the fastest.

  1. Announce to the world your new fitness goal

Post your fitness goal on your social media. If you want to lose 10lbs in 3 months, post it and let your friends on social media know. Ask if anyone else would be interested in joining your challenge. Not only will this hold you accountable but you will see your goal to use it as a form of motivation. Everyone in your social circles will be cheering you on as you go in your journey.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to fit exercise into your busy schedule. I don’t care if you are the CEO, executive team, or administration. I know if you implement these tips into your daily routine you will achieve your fitness goals in no time.

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